Tuesday, March 15, 2011

4 years passed.
time can fly and just go out the window.
took a plane across the ocean, thinking never to come back, yet at the same always thinking I never actually left.
heart although in love (kinda, sorta, ... mostly confused)
stayed here in TJ, Italy with all their charm, fashion, pasta... and passion
did not manage to make me stay or make me happy
obviously I'm still in the pursuit of happiness...who isn't? slippery little thing, who can keep it long enough in their hands.
in the meantime I feel hopeful and happy of finally remembering... thinking... yearning
my way back here, the forgotten password of this dumb thing was found.
bruu is back.
even if nobody cares. tonight I will sleep hopeful of new beginnings.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bruu apoya a Greenpeace. economicamente, con poco pero algo. Es lo menos que puede hacer uno que no va a ir a atarse a un arbol para salvarlo.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Had these old comics, in a file... con polvito los sacudo y los presento a aquella chica que me dijo Eres bruu? la de los comics? en una fiesta, y me hizo sentir que alguien viene y sonrie de repente aqui conmigo.
Merci Mademioselle!

IS there such thing as my one and only?
Is true love actually possible?
Am I the true believer in fairy tales every month or so, faced and cornered into believing in one, offered for real, ready to take, pret-a porter love is actually having second thoughts?
Indeed life is strange, but you should have a strike 3 before you think about giving up.

Bruu is in love with Prince charming
and Prince charming is in love with her
Will that be enough to cruise softly through life?
Well.... let's find out shall we?

My mom said:
"blindfolded, hands tied, faith and hope on your suitcase, light a candle, say a little prayer, take a good luck charm, crossing fingers, controlling stomach butterflies, ready for bungy-jumping, doing stupid silly smiles, sighing, wanting to laugh or cry at the same time" that is the only way to love. Do you feel that? yes? then I'll wave you goodbye, off to Italy you'll go, see you in Xmas my dear....

Chapter: "Single Bruu" finished.

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's been a while on mute.
I've talking through my elbows, ears and all sorts of body parts,
but not really communicating
I have to admit I came back in a big ball of DENIAL
denial that I carry pain, that that pain has changed me,
that those changes are crashing against other parts of my life,

for other changes.
and until I solve this, sort this out, organize it, put it in shelves and place colorful tags around me, I will still feel sea sick for this ride of readjusting is taking longer and harder than expected when I landed six months ago...
one too many rounds around the merry-go-round
one too many drinks for smiling at parties
one too many fucks to fill the gap between you and me, and he, and he and he...
one too many lies coming out of my mouth to compensate
one too many can rock the boat even in untroubled waters.

one flick of the finger doesnt make things dissappear but sure makes a nice first move.
Bruu is moving pushed by gravity itself, comfort zones, can get toooo comfy.

Bruu move please. He said.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bruu turns 26 in 10 days.....

Getting closer to 30, getting farther from my twentys.

I will never again look like an 18 year old, never have those hips, those red cheeks, and that innocence in life.

You will never find an 18 year old that enjoys her body and mind like this soon to be 26 year old can now. And that is my birthday present.

and an italian, 24 year old, tall, handsome bundle too..... mmmm

The night is bitter,
The stars have lost their glitter;
The winds grow colder
And suddenly you're older -
And all because of the man that got away.
No more his eager call,
The writing's on the wall;
The dreams you dreamed have all
Gone astray.
The man that won you
Has gone off and undone you.
That great beginning
Has seen the final inning.
Don't know what happened.
It's all a crazy game!
No more that all-time thrill,
For you've been through the mill -
And never a new love will
Be the same.
Good riddance, good-bye!
Ev'ry trick of his you're on to.
But, fools will be fools -
And where's he gone to?
The road gets rougher
,It's lonelier and tougher.
With hope you burn up -
Tomorrow he may turn up.
There's just no letup the live-long night and day!
Ever since this world began
There is nothing sadder than
A one-man woman looking for
The man that got away....The man that got away.

gay Jeff buckley or corny Judy garland... still a chick classic!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jose Gonzales and wonderful Billie Holiday are to the broken hearted like crack to a junkie.

A MUST have.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I've had my share of BUMPS and BRUISES

but Bruu still believes in Fairy tales....

my toombstone will read after all "and she lived happily ever after..."

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Well that is that.
Chapter closed.
Stay tuned Bruu is making adjustments. But you know me... six months in my coccoon and I come out a beautiful butterfly with brand new colors and brand new wings. Patience life Bruu is in recovery mood...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Many things have changed in my life, that make it so much better, so much easier, so much pleasing...
They go from little, tiny things to big important life changing things but to me they are all meaningful.
and here are some of them:

1) I accept my hair, and almost have learned to love it. Its BIG, and CURLY, almost nobody has it like me, people like it or hate it, it can magnitize men, it scares women sometimes, a true lover gets lost in it, and never wants to escape from it.... this is a big discovery.

2) I finally have figured out what products to buy. ALL of them Shampoo, mousse, Conditioner, Hair dye, lotions, juice, salad dressing, soap, toothpaste, contacts, face scrub, perfume, makeup, I mean the whole works, no more spending money on products I hate or that do something harmful to my body, and have to throw them away brand new. No more wasting my money. I'm free.

3) I'm a 25 year old woman, I feel like a woman, I think like one, when I see myself in the mirror I know who I am, and what I want to do, what I want to eat, how I want to dress, what I want to buy, what I like, what I dont like, what I can learn to like, I accept my flaws and my virtues, I LIKE MYSELF, I like what I get up everyday to do as a job, I like the way I make my money, I like the way I spend my money, I'm a happy person because of this.

4) I'm on the contraceptive patch. No more relying on men to put on a condom and having to beg, no more taking expensive contraceptive pills or the aftermorning pill. I feel with so much power of my own sexuality. I like it.

5) After so many years wasted, and ignoring friends advice (especially my dancer friends) I have discovered "tampons". They were all right WHAT was I thinking? it does makes all the difference. I'm a tampon girl and proud of it.

6) I love salads, I love soups, I love drinking water, it finally happened I became my mother...

7) I have stopped counting lovers, I dont care about figures, I dont care I have forgotten some of them, I remember who I have to remember, who I will always remember. I can sincerely say I dont give a damn anymore for the ones who I will forget or for how many others I may have, or for how I will answer to the question of... and you, How many have you had? and have no real answer. I like this, I like this a lot.

8) I heal faster from a broken heart. Life is too short to sit and feel sorry. "Life is a cabaret" and "parties weren't made to last".

9) I have had sex with 2 different men in one night, and not felt a bit sorry for it. I have decided not to make love to other men that I would of loved to made love to, just to keep the sweet memory of yearning. This makes me smile often.

10) I'm ready to expand myself like a spider, I'm certain I will be a good wife, a good caring mother, a peaceful woman in a town making her life and taking care of her family and her job, just NOT YET, NOT NOW. There still a long road ahead, and Im excited about walking slowly through it...


Pensamiento camion Aeropuerto a centro de Roma:

S S S...
I want to be the triple 'S' woman.
This will be my aim in life.
Sabia, Sensual, y Sensible.
25 years have passed
and I have only reached a PPP level of what I desire to be
Practica, Puta, y Pendeja.
I will not quit though
everybody has their goals in their life
these three S's are mine.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

BRuu says.....
Everybody knows that you should NEVER say NEVER...
but not everybody knows to never say "I would..." "I'd do..." "I'd say"....
To give opinions and advice so freely can be just as improper, for when you actually grow up, you learn that nobody really KNOWS what desicion they would take, when its their hand getting burnt on the frying pan, and that fire feels mighty hotter than you imagined when you were opening your BIG FAT MOUTH.

Silence is precious.

Friday, May 26, 2006

As the years went by, I thought of love as my salvation, however now I think of it as my prize... and as the dramatics Smiths would say "you just havent earned yet, baby"....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My idea of sexy does envolve lace, corsets, high heels, etc.
like everyone I do enjoy a fetiche cocktail.
My idea of love is me sleeping with a man's t-shirt or sweater as a nightgown ,borrow his huge socks as slippers, wake up, hair all messy, teeth unbrushed, and still believe him...when he says that I look sexy in the morning.

Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm a nervous little squirrel
going shyly from nut to nut, from tree to tree
afraid of the always falling leaves, of the calls of birds, of the cracking of twigs.
I'm a chickenshit born with curls instead of feathers.
Siempre dando pasos firmes con piernas cobardes.

WELL Bruu girl, now that you accept it.... What you gonna do about it?
tic toc tic toc.... you're too old to keep believing in white rabbits.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Not much to say, so might as well post comics. as you can see Bruu is a bit out of season... still good times to come...patience lady.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

POETRY is no place for a heart that's a whore....

La Martita Wainwright singing it right.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
I just wanted to be your housewife
All i wanted was to be your housewife
I'll iron your clothes
I'll shine your shoes
I'll make your bed
And cook your food
I'll never cheat
I'll be the best girl you'll ever meet
And for a diamond ring
I'll do these kinds of things
I'll scrub your floor
Never be a bore
I'll tuck you in
I do not snore
I'd wear your black eyes
Bake you apple pies
I don't ask why
And i trys not to crys
I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
I'll always be by your side
Even when you're down and out
And its nearly midnight
And all i want with my life
Is to be a housewife
Is to be a housewife 'Cause it's nearly midnight
And all i want with my life
Is to die a housewife
Is to die a housewife
*by your side*
lyrics for cooky people like me.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well Big Ben was happy to see me!, or I was happy to see it? mmm who cares?
*London was cooold but Bruu was still hot, hehe.
*Zombies ride the tube, and very old, almost dead people shop at groceries stores, alone, buying a tiny bottle of milk and 2 eggs for their kitchen, walking slowly through the aisles, about to stop breathing but not.
* Stay away from the Fish and chips.
*Mary Poppins lived there definitely... chimney-chimney-chim-chim-cheerie.
*My favorite thing was walking through their beautiful parks with geese squaddling behind you.
*I love being mexican...
*Walking with an umbrella through Picadilly circus and Oxford street its harder than you'd think.
*They have no clue how to celebrate a New year's eve.
*They work work, study study, read read, and discuss discuss politics and migration, my conclusion for the money they have and their place in world economy: they should learn to relax a bit... I think its the lack of SUN... and of orgasmic food.
* They think mexicans love Indian food, they cant understand that we've never eaten it, and that mexican food is not spicy its hot.... and that mexican food is not a fajita, hehe.
*I had lots of fun, enjoying the knowledge that we definitely do come from 2 very different worlds.... my friends.

"Con lo bella que es la vida, en que la habeis convertido? "
ojos brujos...

burn burn in HELL!!!

Sorry I just can help hating how we need these fat men sitting in their fucking desks moving slowly on my lunch break and needing to go through their stupid stupid transactions.
MAY BRUU never never marry a banker...

Friday, December 23, 2005

A struck of luck offered me its hand the other day and although I hesitated a moment for those lucky strikes are always naughty they take you for a ride and leave you hanging when you least expect it, they take you up so HIGH only to let you fall down so awfully fast, but the scenery seamed pleasing, the luck inviting, that I could only accept its hand and shout most happily "alright then Lucky luck lets go for a ride you and I, lets see where this road takes us and surely lets enjoy it while it lasts".....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

General truths, natural rules to life (take note)

Whenever you meet someone you like and that person says as warning "I dont have time or I'm not ready for a serious relationship at the moment" or "I dont have time to fall in love" cut to the chase, what that person is really trying to say, is "I like you but not enough... this is fun but I'm waiting for someone better than you, or "youre ok but your arent really what I'm looking for", or "I may care for you, as a friend and are attractive as lover, but I'm never going to fall in love with you"
Dont give spins around it, this a general truth (unbreakable) I bet you have done it as well and someone has said it to you. Just accept it ,if you want more get away before you get hurt and if its fun in your case as well than stick for the ride while it lasts.
As people with a little bit of sense know, love comes unexpected, and with no schedule, when you see the person you love you dont give warning labels you want them to stay as long as possible, like not wanting to spend a shinny quarter that you found, that is my definition of love....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bruu is going to London in December.
Stand under the Big ben and say Hello, hello!
Do you know my dad? He was here a while ago and told you I was coming someday.... well I'm here, nice to meet ya.


"El destino me ha dado corazones desiquilibrados"


"Yo quiero hacerte las formas mas sucias de un modo elegante"
El profe

jaja funny music. For gays and girls who drink too much.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

BRuu really dislikes SNAKES
tsss tsss tsss
they just stick out their tongue at you to annoy
you cant step on them cause they bite you
you cant hug them because some spit poison
you cant get comfortable around them
cause they are just waiting to surround you and sofocate you
But far the worse reason why Bruu dislikes Snakes
is that Bruu is afraid of them
since the only way to beat them is to either join them
or become one just like them and have a rattle fight....tss tss tss
and as you know Bruu finds that quite displeasing
since she knows best that the queen of the jungle wouldnt TOUCH a snake with a six foot pole, my dear.... its just not worth it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Nouvelle Vague report:
Bruu falls into the embarrasing "grupie" stereotype... but had fun and some free ego boost by french mouths and french phrases.

Nouvelle Vague delighted all in everyway.... that is my report.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


STOP sending me invitations to your friends network shit... I mean unless you are Tom york, or Bjork, people that I could not get a friendship by myself then maybe Id reconsider.... but if you arent these persons. PLEASE take note : WE are already friends!!!! We dont need a webpage to close the deal.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Snow White sings stupidly to a water well...

I'm wishing
I'm wishing
for the one I love
to find me
to find me
I'm hoping
I'm hoping
and I'm dreaming of
the nice things
the nice things
He'll say....

OxAlA * * *